The tours of Know Milano are a proposal of AIM and Urban Center to discover the changes that are affecting Milano that is becoming a metropolis. Started in 2002, Know Milano in the previous edition has accompanied more than 25.000 people to discover the new districts, the big park, the places of production and work, the architectural beauties. Every tour has got his booklet that can be downloaded online. There are booklets about 20 different tours describing the urban transformation. In 2014, for the first time the theme of the tour has been the network of services and the relapse on the city. In the 2014 edition, the intention was to reveal the effects of the network of the  "invisible transformations"  on the "visible city". During these years Milano has radically  changed his appearance combining the urban development, the inner city and  the  suburbs in a big project.



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AIM and Urban Center, with the support of A2A and Euromilano have proposed 2 free tours about the project Know Milano-The district heating in the city that is changing.  The initiative has received the patronage of the Ordine degli architetti and Ordine degli ingegneri of Milano. Every tour was around old and new districts of Milano where there is the district heating. People have also visited the sites of the energy production and the electric power station Canavese and Silla2 with the esplanation of  how they work.

During 3 Saturdays (4, 11 and 18 october) two paths were organized by coach: first to the North-West crossing Citylife, Gallaratese District, Cascina Merlata that will host EXPO Village 2015 and the electric poiwer station SIlla2; second to the South-East up to Sesto San Giovanni, crossing Sant'Ambrogio District, the electric power station of Canavese, the Bicocca District and Campary Gallery.  A booklet about these activites can be downloaded online. Magenta 63 – 20123 Milano Tel 02/48193088 – Fax 02/48194649 -
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