Anno di pubblicazione: 2014

Milan Buzz

In 2014, Fondazione Cariplo and AIM promoted and financed the project Milan Buzz to spread a vision of underground reality through a photographic story of places and inhabitants of Milan, along the edge of surface transport.

The project resulted in the publication of Milan Buzz. The photographic book, published by Damiani, one of the most known international publishers in the field of photography, is enriched by the introduction of the Mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia, contributions by the architect Italo Rota, journalists Goffredo Fofi and Marzio Mian (editor of the volume).

In Milan Buzz are put on the same level centers and peripheries, historic districts and new transformations, popular placesand centres of fashion or culture, reflecting a Milano, multiracial, dynamic, cosmopolitan and contemporary, and by conveying the image of global city that Italy is preparing for the big event of Expo 2015.

Milan Buzz represents the second stage, after the 2011 Brooklyn, a larger photographic journey of two authors, Alessandro Cosmelli and Gaia Light, dedicated to the contemporary metropolis at the beginning of 2014 also touched São Paulo inBrazil.

The volume was distributed starting in December in Italian bookstores, while the launch in the u.s. market and worldwidetook place in February.

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