Anno di pubblicazione: 2010

Milan, the city of Studies. History, geography and policies of Milan's Universities
With this book, AIM presents a new insight, once again dedicated to Milan, the metropolis that is often throught to as the "fashion city", the "health-care city", the "industrial-design city". But Milan is a "University city" as weel. Actually, it probably is all of the above just because it is a University city: a city that trains and attracts talents, produces education and innovation. At the same time if, over the last few years, the city has changed, it is also because of the role played by Universities in suggesting and executing large-scale urban trasformation plans, with new settlemets, the redevelopment and revival of former industrial sites, with a concrete positive impact on large neighbourhoods or city areas.
Also, as clearly shown by the research carried out by the study team of the Milan's Politecnico Department of Architecture and Planning, the Milanese university system involves over 200,000 persons, in some way connected to what we may call one of the city's largest industries, and all this makes Milan the second largest University city in Italy after Rome.
However, despite all this, it is still quite obvious that both public players and the local community in general lack in acknowledging this situation, and the role that Universities play in training human capital, producing transfer of technologies, spurring internationalisation, as well as in in producing the "city".
This book, with the objectiv of raising awareness and a renewed and enhanced level of attention, provides a updated picture of Milan's University system, by means of a text accompanied by different types of materials that outline a quantitative and qualitative picture of this phenomenon starting from the reconstruction of the historical roots of the relationship between the city and its Universities, aiming to understand how if it produced new findings and in which fields, and also to point out the main controversial issues that the University system can today propose to the city's agenda.


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