Anno di pubblicazione: 2009

Milan as the capital of health care, not just in Italy but on European scale as well.
This title is a decisive and demanding statement.
The book - promoted by AIM - suggests a critcal overview of Milan's position as a leader and a pole of attractions in this field, form the 15th century until now, in order to understand if, and at what condition, the statement can still be true.
Health care is a complex, multifaceted endeavour, rich in nuances. It is difficult to deal with it, not really because it requires a specialized technical jargon, but rather because its boundaries are extremely blurred.
Health care is a mix of several elements: it stems from all the activity performed in hospitals, the places designed to give health back to those who lack it, and to host the research work of scientists who - in connection with hospitals - make sure they provide state-of-the-art care. Not only that: medicine in the 21st Century is a higly technological endeavour. It is strictly linked to the production and entrepreneurial skills of industries that provide drugs, medical devices, diagnostic tools, kits and reagents, etc. Medicine progressis thanks to the products of the market that it helps develop.
Health care today is a prime economic industry. At the same time, it cannot disregard individuals, its true beneficiaries, and their full physical and psychic wellbeing.
The level of health in a city stems from the quality of care available for its residents and, even more so, from the quantity of care that can be saved through careful governance, thanks to real prevention. Also, it measured by the quality of life offered to children and the elderly, to immigrants and the homeless. And by the ability to assess the return of all investments in this industry also in terms of new development projects, be them individual, family - or business - releted.
Milan as the capital of health care, therefor, if the city's health care policy will measure up to the expectations not just of the Milanese, but of all those that look at the metropolis as a role model

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