Anno di pubblicazione: 2006

The research on "Living experiences and landscapes", marked by ten itineraries through the Milan urban region, aims at telling about urban planning; it is a tale that does not look for exceptional events in reality, i.e. large schemes or surprising developments, but rather "seeks to look at reality in an exceptional way" (Ermanno Olmi), through everyday life and ordinary landscapes. Living is at the core of this tale. Living in the widest sense of this word, i.e. not just inhabiting a house, but experiencing it, in a process that involves people, its dwellers, their stories and biographies, often neglected and removed by the supporters of urban free market and by urban planning and policies. Also, this tale is not limited to the "life" pervading a house, to the changing relationship between an indoor building and its inhabitants. The itineraries also highlight the extrovert dimension of living, tilted towards the outside environment, the landscape, and its relational quality, a daily opportunity to tie up connections and to share common values with other people. Indeed, we do not just live in a house, but we also inhabit a number of outdoor spaces in its proximity and several "living spaces" that are located and scattered in many different sites.
The experience of living also leads us to get in touch with the wide, open and relational space that makes up landscape: a landscape which is multifaceted and unthinkable out of the subjective experience, and that cannot be over-simplified through a sharply subjective interpretation, which often happens in our contemporary understanding.
An important piece to understand and to build a new Milan, its relationship and its networks, as a global city without boundaries.


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