Anno di pubblicazione: 2013

Volume n° 20 Habito - research for the future of housing

By Carlo Berizzi, Mario Motta, Matteo Tartufoli, Orsola Torrani

HABITO – research for the future of housing considers that flexibility, energy savings and quality of living are the three elements that, in contemporary residential, should drive design addresses the industry and the activities of the institutionsthat are called upon to address the issue of construction of the present and the future.

HABITO – research for the future of living thus proposes a revision of the existing regulatory apparatus on construction: the objective is to foster the creation of innovative housing solutions, not only high quality but also can be made quickly and at low cost, similar to the demands of contemporary society, to facilitate the implementation and approval of the project andclarify their skills , and facilitate economic recovery in the sector. In Italy the set of building rules, the result of a regulatory approach based on old models, typological standardizationcontinues to paralyze the activity designer. This condition hampers the introduction of technical and architecturalinnovations, helps keep high costs of construction and real estate management and prevents the testing of alternative solutions, already used in other European countries, which are suitable to combine the quality of living and the need to save energy. The current economic crisis has made more urgent the change compared to the past, promoting not only a considerable housing demand mutation, but also placing emphasis on the problem of recovering the considerable existing building.

HABITO – research for the future of living then proceeds with the analysis of concrete construction projects, then a critical rereading of the legislative provisions that prevent today those housing solutions that even abroad represent best practices.

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