AIM publications

Each AIM activities, every project, every launch of initiative and, each volume is the result of specific research or investigation in its field.

AIM is first of all "Centre for studies and research" on issues and problems of the city.

All AIM activities are based on researches or studies, giving rise to volumes or to specific designs.

The main areas of investigation are: innovation, information and communication, the arts, the city's renewal, quality of life, and finally, the technological comparison with Europe.

Publications, that collect the study and research activities of the Association, may be required to AIM directly via email.

Some publications were presented from the mid-80's, so some of them are still contained in videotapes (VHS) that can reconverted to DVD on request via email from entities and individuals: by writing to with a contribution of € 5.00.

All AIM volumes and booklets, from 1989 to nowadays, are available for public inspection at the Central Municipal Library Sormani in Milan.

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