The project LET, that reached his fourth phase thanks to the contribute of Fondazione Cariplo and the support of the towns in the  northwestern part of Milan, the itineraries proposed with the project of Studio Land and the involvement of some subjects which operate on the territory are being realized.

It is about itineraries accessible on bicycle in an area situated westward from Milan, around the EXPO, the travels are accessible to everyone, the length of these travels is between 12 and 36 km with the starting and ending point both travelable by car. These are ring circuits imagined for the free time and to allow inhabitants and tourists to appreciate and know some areas of EXPO.

The project was developed by AIM with Land Milano, with the sponsorship of EXPO 2015, in collaboration with 31 districts interested in the travels and with the partnership of Consorzio Villoresi.

During the month of May it has been held in Villa Arconati a meeting with the majors of the districts involved in LET1 and with some potential supporters in which AIM and LAND exposed their project and described his current status.

The project is promoted by AIM and LAND thanks to the contribute of Fondazione Cariplo.

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Sunday the 7 of June, LET1- Ancient Villas and Groane
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Presentation of project LET at Villa Arconati.
Presentation of project LET with the majors involved by Landscape EXPO tour.
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LET 1 - Ville storiche e Groane
The initiative realized by Supermilano and Cooperativa Koine consists on the possibilty of travel along two parts of the circuit which goes from the... Magenta 63 – 20123 Milano Tel 02/48193088 – Fax 02/48194649 -
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